Saturday is a day of rest

The candidiasis is much improved! Today I added back my herbs, as per doctor’s orders. I have one week left on the Sporanox. I first added my olive leaf extract, to test the waters for interactions: I got mellow and groggy. Not a big deal and pretty typical of me first restarting it. An hour later, I added the second and final herb, oregano oil. Things got a little more “interesting.” It always makes me so, so dizzy when I first start it. Today was no exception. I got up to sit at my desk and grab some papers, when the back of my head & neck started to tingle; I had to grab ahold of the desk to stop from teetering over! (And in fact it’s actually happening right now, because I just took the second dose of oregano oil about twenty minutes ago.) So it’s safe to say both herbs are “working” and, with luck, will be the final blow to this persistent candida overgrowth. I’m still taking the Nystatin with no strange episodes of breathing difficulty.

I was mildly dehydrated when I woke up but nothing that several ounces of fluid (well, warm tea, today) couldn’t help. :) I was a little miffed because I thought I’d at least make it to the store a block up the road, but no such luck, when standing up for a couple of minutes made me worse. So instead I opened all the windows and relaxed with some calming music, and sipped my soothing electrolyte-enriched tea while I watched the autumn leaves and admired the pseudo-rainbow the sunlight and my CDs had created upon my ceiling.

And, a few of my online orders arrived, which of course always makes the day of someone bedbound!

This Wednesday I see an endocrinologist to be evaluated for adrenal insufficiency. However, if I have it I won’t be able to treat it, so I’m not sure if I even want to know. (The treatment for AI is steroids, a big “no-no” when fighting chronic infections.) I should then have this week’s bloodwork results back (AND  BY  THE  WAY,  YES,  LYME  DISEASE CAN CAUSE  A  FALSE-POSITIVE  SYPHILIS  TEST!), and while I’m getting the new blood drawn I’ll be checking on my liver enzymes for being on the Sporanox. Then next Wednesday I see that Internist/ID again, to discuss what’s next as far as virus testing. I’ll also have to contact my LLMD (who ironicaly is only available on Wednesdays) about how the Sporanox worked and what we can now do to keep me cleared of these pathogenic yeasts. Somewhere in there I’ll have an appointment with an ophthamalogist. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for my family, full of long drives, needles, lab results and possible diagnoses. I bet you’re thinking “Sign me up!” right? Of course you are. :)

All in all, today has been mellow, with nothing too extraordinary happening, and lots of rest. I may as well save up the energy while I can!



a rainbow at night

2 thoughts on “Saturday is a day of rest

  1. Haha, you made me smile at the end. I *do* hope you get some diagnosis that you can treat and can help you feel a bit better. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t have some adrenal problems, but I really hope that you don’t!! Also, boo to a syphilis test. >.<


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