Hello again, internet!

Backdated entry. Originally published in my personal journal, but also posting it here for its health-related significance.

So… When I had that migraine on Wednesday night, I was under the effects of caffeine (which I use to abort them) as I typed that entry on my health blog, and another entry on my personal blog. But I shouldn’t have done that, not only because I was caffeinated and thus unable to pay attention to my body’s signals, but.. I still had to recover from Tuesday’s outing! Can we say brain fail? =( So…

The past two days have been ridiculous as far as muscle weakness goes.  I’ve been listening to lots of old CDs and watching DVDs, as to not use my arms too much with texting or typing.

Thursday was.. fun. Real fun. If raging M.E. accompanied by a bartonella flare (because I started the Houttuynia herb) followed by another migraine is your idea of a grand time. Dystonia, rapid alternations between crying and rage, fever, muscle twitches everywhere, shin pain (which is a common bart symptom that I’ve only developed in the past few months)… So whatever I said about my bartonella symptoms lying low, is now null. Starting the houttuynia has woken everything up again, which is.. actually a good thing, because it means it actually is effective at helping to kill it. That doesn’t mean I like going through this, though. Oh, and chest pressure! The feeling like someone is literally pressing on my chest. Another of my classic bart manifestations. Speaking of heart, I’ve also had more palpitations and accompanying dizziness/inability to breathe, but I’m unsure if that’s bartonella related or just.. something that’s happening? The fact that I get dizzy with them, though, is unnerving, because it has to be a pretty significant arrhythmia for you to actually feel the symptoms.

I’m still in recovery from my attempts at activity, but at least I can type a little, like on Wednesday! Thursday night, as I waited for a mood swing to pass (and my migraine meds to kick in), I did a painting, because I realized watercolor takes very little arm strength:

My inspiration? A paper towel design! Haha.

Randomly, someone e-mailed me about the entry I made concerning Dr. Crippen, offering to send me all of his stuff that they saved to their computer… I don’t know what I’d gain from it, though, but aggravation, so for now I have declined. Then there was another person who  was concered I was defining myself by my illness, so they left me a very heartfelt comment, which was much appreciated, and gave me a chance to write somewhere on here that my health blog is just a health blog and I do still try to have a life that doesn’t revolve around illness. =) So, I assume people really are reading this place?I hope it helps others, somehow…

Okay, I think I’ve rambled enough to make up for the past two days.

a rainbow at night

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