How do you find a rainbow at night?

Hmm, I’m on the brink of 1,000 “hits” or “views” or whatever they’re called. Not bad for my boring life, ha!

But this intrigued me. Here are the top searches this week that people have used to find my blog:

  • rifampin herxheimer
  • xmrv antibiotic type
  • cdc xmrv research department
  • rainbow lab results
  • adrenal insufficiency and cfs
  • xmrv
  • definition of routine dental work
  • a story about standing up for yourself
  • babesia + grapefruit seed extract
  • all people with lyme have xmrv
  • night rainbow with cross
  • buy two get one free is a what (??? really?)
  • rifampin used for cfs
  • rifampin bart herx
  • dental work with active epstein barr
  • lyme occipital
  • xmrv cdc
  • derealisation “good days”


a rainbow at night

2 thoughts on “How do you find a rainbow at night?

  1. I LOVE THESE. There are so many nights I just stare at my wordpress stats going, “…seriously, Internet?” I get the relevant things, but there are so many crazy things that bring people to my blog. My favourites include “rubber mermaid metamorphosis,” “clownfish deformities,” and (get ready, this is the best) “Rest of the World, are you even trying?” …I have to wonder.


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