Dental visits with bartonella…and possible ehrlichiosis.

So I realized another possibility concerning my increased cardiac complications: The dental visit.

I completely forgot to write it up, but on August 24th I finally, finally after four years, was able to get my teeth cleaned! I haven’t since 2007 when I had dental surgery that made me want to die the next day, from the release of bacteria. (And I was on antibiotics for that despite having no knowledge of the Lyme at the time, and not yet having any heart valve issues… If you have certain cardiac problems or immune system dysfunction, you are supposed to be on antibiotics before any kind of dental procedure–even routine cleanings. Everyone else can suffice with antibiotics only before major dental work, and even then it’s often not given.) I was going to go back in February…about a week or so before I ended up in the hospital from the bacteria that were already flooding my body! I cannot even begin to fathom how sick I would have gotten with that “ticking” time bomb (pardon the pun) inside of me. But through what I believe to have been Divine Intervention, I didn’t go, and that’s what matters. :)

Fast forward six months to August 24th, and I was sure I’d be healthy enough for a teeth cleaning! So I went, and the next day I was just fine. :)

Or at least I thought I was…?

Last post, I mentioned chest pain and breathlessness on exertion, and increased arrhythmia (not severe, but often very noticeable) which I figured was probably kept going by the at-the-time electrolyte imbalance… But I’m still having all of that, and I’m not dehydrated.

By this point, I’m near positive most all of the chest pain, arrhythmia, and the shortness of breath when I lie down, is being caused by my mitral regurgitation worsening. Specifically, shortness of breath when lying down is a key symptom of it, so! What I don’t know, is why it’s been getting worse, nor why it suddenly got especially worse the past month. (I see my cardiologist for my repeat echocardiogram in October, just a few weeks away, so there’s that in the event something is going on.) Obviously my first thoughts go to the infection I picked up August 3rd, but, there’s something else.

I said in the last post that this has been getting worse for the past two months, but it’s really been bad since the beginning of September when my Lyme flared up… But with the arrhythmia in particular getting worse even before then (I made a Tweet about it on August 31st, and I know it had been happening a few days prior to that), I can’t help but wonder if the dental visit and its potential to worsen a weakened heart, may be the main reason it got especially bad at that particular time, and has been bad ever since.

I’m hoping this has just been an unfortunate combination of events, with the new bugs (and possibly old bugs) flaring up, and then the dentist… I really wanted to make a note of it for future reference, in case this doesn’t happen to go away. I speak to my Lyme doctor this Wednesday.

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2 thoughts on “Dental visits with bartonella…and possible ehrlichiosis.

  1. I hope your visit with your LLMP went well, and that the new medication helps you (and like I said on facebook, doesn’t make you herx too badly ;_;)! I hope you can zap those bugs, the old ones and the ones from all the fleas. Also do you have that tight chest feeling…it’s one of my least favorite feelings…with all of the heart problems and the laying down? Because when I had that for awhile it was also made worse lying down. *hugs you* I hope you are feeling better than when you couldn’t move, and that doesn’t happen again any time soon!


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