Small note.

This is just a note to say I.. well, I have things to say. A review of my cardiologist appointment from last week! And I have a neurologist appointment on Wednesday, which will necessitate an additional review! But I have been very ADD lately, to the point that I just can’t update with more than a few sentences before all my thoughts, words, and typing get scrambled, and my brain moves on to something else. Usually it lasts a few days then I’m back to (my version of) normal, but it’s not happening this time. Every few months my brain takes a vacation for weeks at a time, and I guess this is one of those times.

Good news? My weekly flares are getting better. Much, much better. Bad news? It seems I’m in another bout of three weeks of headaches. Did I say that before, or just think it in my head? But this is nearing the end of the three weeks, so that should be gone soon. I successfully weaned off the Topamax with no issues, but after a sensory overload incident I got one today (I think?) so I may need to have a back-up medication to start, in case they become weekly again. Something to discuss with my neuro this week.

I’ll update soon, whenever my attention span returns! My apologies, but you know how these things happen!

a rainbow at night

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