I have a hive? You’ve got to be kidding me.

How can the mycoplasma pneumonia still be alive?!

…Or at least, that was my first thought when this all-too-familiar hive popped up on my leg, in the same spot it always does when, what I’ve always suspected to be the mycoplasma, flares up.

It usually went something like:

Get hive on leg → Concurrent lung problems and coughing/sometimes pleurisy → ER visit or an otherwise-very-close-call

The hive part usually happens–from observing my own patterns and bloodwork–because of eosinophilia, associated with the mycoplasma infection. Bartonella (and whatever else I got from the fleas) causes it as well (so when I got them BOTH back in 2008, my eosinophils were really high)…but the bart should be gone, right? I didn’t get hives when I got re-infected with bartonella (and again, whatever else I got from those fleas) back in August 2011, so I’m thinking that leads further evidence toward hives being associated with mycoplasma.

You’d think it’d be dead by now after being on Rifampin a year, and Zithro for several simultaneous months with it, but since Mycoplasma is slow-replicating like Lyme disease (roughly replicating every three weeks, from what I’ve been able to find, and experience), I guess it makes sense that it’d take more along the lines of years to fully eradicate, just like Lyme disease. (Antibiotics, specifically the bacteriostatic ones, mainly kill when the bug replicates.)

Additionally, checking my tags, the last time I had a hive was right before I had to stop the Zithro because it stopped working for the bartonella. Right before that happened, I was beginning to get another severe flare-of-“unknown”-origin, with the proverbial-possibly-mycoplasma-hive warning sign before it started…

Then after switching from the Zithro to Bactrim (still with the Rifampin, to finish off the bartonella) I haven’t had a hive since.

Until now, that is. After starting the minocycline. Which also kills mycoplasma. More specifically, which also kills mycoplasma in the same way that Zithro kills mycoplasma. Hmmmmmmm.

So apparently this is a herx? And if I do get the impending very-bad-flare-up, I doubt it’ll result in an ER visit, since I’m not near as sick as I was before.

But still, this is disturbing, and.. I just wish the mycoplasma were dead!!

Time will tell what Mr. Hive has to say about my infectious status. Til then, I’m glad to be on minocycline…

Oh, also, I’m buying a shower chair. Yeah.

a rainbow at night

5 thoughts on “I have a hive? You’ve got to be kidding me.

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  2. Wow… you’ve had a time of it, hun! And, that’s what HIVES that recur can mean? I used to have one on my tummy for YEARS that would pop up, haven’t seen in nearly a year now, but on my toe I have one every few weeks… weird. I guess I should ask my Dr next week about mycoplasma – I have never been dx with that. Thanks for sharing.


    1. It’s usually not that big of a concern if your antibiotics inadvertantly treat it–Minocycline, Rifampin, Doxycycline, Azithromycin, etc.–but I have yet to meet a Lymie that didn’t have it. Or even someone with immune suppression that didn’t have it.

      Mycoplasma pneumoniae is, for all intents and purposes, another Lyme disease. It can do anything and everything that Lyme can do, in about the same time frame, and it’s been studied for far longer. We’ve known it can cause neurological disease (Bell’s Palsy is a key sign, even though it’s usually associated with borrelia and herpes) since the 1970s!

      How interesting that you have the reappearing-hive, too!


    1. It will match my bathtub!

      I have no allergies whatsoever so I’ve never gotten a hive in my life (you know, that wasn’t caused by a bug bite)…until infections! D: I hope you’re somehow right, though! But I had to document it incase “the regular” follows. Eesh.

      *hug hug*


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