Attack of the.. what?

So it was a normal day for this lady until she…got up to walk to the kitchen?

After standing up for about two minutes I became severely out of breath. I sat down…no cigar. I lied on the couch…still no cigar. I nibbled down my breakfast quickly and came back to my room to lie down, thinking my bed might help more, since I have the leg end elevated. But, no. Eventually I started gasping and was like Okay, fine, you win Mr. Trancy and turned on my oxygen machine (which is affectionately named Mr. Trancy, fyi). That was half an hour ago. I’m still pale.

My heart rate was fine. My blood pressure I think was fine. This wasn’t a medication reaction. I just suddenly couldn’t breathe, and by the time I had gotten onto my oxygen I had also gotten very warm; I checked my temp, and noticed the 98.2 that I had just thirty minutes ago (I periodically check my temperature throughout the day; helps differentiate between normal temp increases and fevers) had gone to 98.9. That’s.. not entirely normal, especially given the concurrent breathlessness. My mother quickly brought the oscillating fan in here and gave me a cold pack to put on my neck. Further temperate increase aborted.

It feels like “air hunger.” But when I use my oxygen during air hunger, it doesn’t always help. I suspect this is due to the fact that, it’s not a lung problem as much as it is, whatever oxygen I’m inhaling, is being stolen by these infections. But it’s really helping this time.


It’s now been an hour and I’m finally starting to feel better. My temperature is a normal 98.6 and I’m able to breathe without supplemental oxygen. But now I seem to ahve developed a migraine? Honestly, what on earth is going on within my body right now? It’s like it’s having a meltdown.

Hopefully this all won’t last too long because I really need a bath! Ahaha.

I’m still trying to figure out this category vs. tag thing, as far as WordPress goes. Eesh.

[Edit: (2:58pm) I guess it really was a migraine, because migraine medicine aborted it. (Yay!) That and, the right side of my face + forehead is going intermittently numb, like it often does. Oya… November is always my worth month for Migraine attacks. :c]

[Edit 2: (7:58pm) Annnnd again? DD: I’m still rather breathless, but coping. I managed a bath at some point in the day (another Yay!), which I suppose exacerbated things to where I needed more oxygen, this time for 40-minutes. What’s happening today, eh?]


5 thoughts on “Attack of the.. what?

  1. Glad you are able to breath again, what an unpleasant surprise when going to the kitchen! -hugs- @_@

    Also happy to know I’m not the only one who expects small temp changes are relevant. So many doctors tell me it’s not, but I don’t see why not. When I am sick my temp rises up to 99.2 from 97 so yeah.


    1. And I just had to oxygenate for another 40 minutes, to boot. I wonder what’s going on, today. Thank you again for suggesting I ask for the oxygen prescription; I’d be so much worse during these episodes without it. *hugs back* ♥

      Yes. Like, if you wake up and your temp is 98.2, and it goes to 99.5, that’s not a big deal. And certain times of the month your temp is naturally higher. But if you wake up and your temp is high 96/low 97… For most of us, a mid-99 is about as close to a fever as we can get. The bacteria lower our temperature regulation because they can’t survive a fever. So if your body’s version of a fever suddenly becomes 99.2, they can totally survive that. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why bartonella likes to replicate in the mornings, when our temperature is naturally at its lowest. Clever beasts. D:<


      1. Oh wow. Tomorrow! I hope it’s better. <3 I'm glad I suggested it then…that's awesome that it helps so much.

        That makes sense. I remember being so mad that I felt like I had a fever but I didn't have one, even though my temperature was rising. It's also great to know about temp in the morning! I should check it tomorrow.


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