So much pain…

Tday started out rather.. uneventful, I thik is a good word. I had muscle weakness in my arms, and some moderate pain in my left shoulder (tendon) when I woke up. Over the course of the day it got worse and required half of a Fioricet. I took a bath and organized some papers for tomorrow’s doctor visit, both at leisure and without as much difficulty as usual. In all consideration, this started out as a “good day.” No trouble breathing even thuogh I took Nystatin, so i guess I”m int he clear. But something has been happening since last night… When my knees started to feel inflamed. And honestly I can’t even finish typing this entry with as much detail as I wanted, so:

Long story short, I am in so much pain. All of my muscles hurt, even the ones in my chest htat move when you breathe, and the ones around your shins when you walk, and the ones at the bottom ofo your feet even when I’m not walknig. I feel like my insides are on a slow-roast, and unusually warm, and inflamed, and they not enjoying it at all. This is about the same thing that happens when I’ve been in the sun too long. My temp is just at 99.2.

I feel ill. The weakness has spread to all of my muscles, legs included, which equals trouble walking. And I feel as if everything within me, all of my muscles, are tingling, especially my arms because I’m still using them… The room is spinning, now.

I have cold packs (wraped in a rag) on the bottom of my feet because of the unusual warmth. I’m not sure if this is an infection thing or my body’s inability to deal with the increase in local temperatures. It’s upossed to be around 40 degrees at night but lately it’s been in the 80s during hte day and mid-high 60s at night.

Cold weather, please come back, my body cannot cope with this. Maybe tomorrow I’ll come back and edit with the full story.

a rainbow at night


2 thoughts on “So much pain…

  1. -hugs- Wow, I’m sorry to hear you are in so much pain, and so much other terribleness. <3 I'll be thinking of you and hoping it goes down, soon.

    I know that feeling, where parts of your body are too hot. It's extremely unpleasant.


    1. I bet you do know what it’s like, with your ANA being elevated! It’s likely there’s some autoimmune component there, hmm? I just act like I have an autoimmune disease, without the autoimmune marker. xDDD *special* (Unless my ANA spontaneously turns positive! :o Let’s hope not, though. If that happens I think I have everything it takes to be diagnosed with Lupus, which MIGHT complicate things in the doctors eyes!)


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