Happy 2011 everyone! (My current status.)

First post of the new year! And my Lyme disease would like everyone to know it enjoys celebrations just as much as the next organism. The first Lyme flare of 2011 began yesterday. Or maybe it was the 1st, I forget. But it happens every two weeks. The next “Lyme week” should arrive around the 16th~20th. And the bartonella flare following that one, will be a very bad day. Of course I do have random Lyme-symptom days, and it doesn’t always happen that consistently, but in general my symptoms are the worst during its replications. All of these things I’ve come to expect so that when I wake up unable to walk, or massively dehydrated, or with a severe headache (such as today), I won’t be surprised.

I’m unsure why the bartonella flare following the 1st~3rd flare isn’t as bad as the one following the 16th~20th flare? Maybe because the 16th~20th flare was my original Lyme week, and then this other one sort-of branched off on its own about six months ago… Ha! Maybe when I was taking my grapefruit seed exact (GSE), which causes the cyst form of Lyme to convert back to its spirochete form, those Lyme bugs woke up and now I have two sets! *laugh* That’s.. really not funny, but… In my other journal I started GSE on August 2nd-3rd of 2010; at the end of that month, I reported that my Lyme flares had started happening every two weeks. So it actually seems plausible, but what I didn’t mention was for how long they had been occuring every two weeks. Who knows, but it would sure be interesting!

Last night I had much trouble getting to sleep because of the beginnings of one of these occipital-related headaches. The ones that mimick my old occipital neuralgia headaches, but aren’t quite that severe. This morning I woke up and it was full-force. I haven’t had one since November, though, so that’s great! I was getting terrible headaches every couple of weeks, but I had a short respite for whatever reason. However I do need to mention that I’ve had a migraine every week (sometimes two per week) for.. well, actually the entire time between that last occipital headache and this one. (This isn’t a migraine, though, I am sure.) So once again, Lortab/Vicodin, ibuprofen, and I’m as good as ever as long as the meds don’t wear off before the headache goes away.

I’m pleased to report I’m finally recovering from my weakness! I think I may have talked more about that in my other journal, but the M.E. has been raging since the hospital incident, and then there was Christmas, and then there was me making mistakes after being “under the influence” of caffeine while treating a migraine… So it’s been a hard time, but I’m finally doing better! I washed my hair tonight, trimmed my bands, and I’m typing! =) Also, since starting the houttuynia on.. December 30th?.. the bartonella has been woken up. At least I know it’s working (the herb), but of course this means whatever I said about my bart symptoms being minor is now irrelevant.

My mental functioning has been pretty bad for the past two days, and I was about to say “I’m unsure why,” but… Right, Lyme flare! Haha. I didn’t take any of my herbs today, but that’s okay, I can resume them tomorrow. I’m not on anything to kill the Lyme disease anyway, so I’m not sure it matters. My goal right now is to focus on the bartonella. Tomorrow I will call my LLMD and let him know the candida overgrowth has been conquered so we can figure out a new plan of action. My only concern is that I be able to STAY on the Rifampin that I’ll most likely get put on (a bartonella-specific antibiotic), because unlike Doxycycline, you only get a few chances to stop and start Rifampin before the bartonella develops a resistance to it. Research has shown that you can stop and start Doxycyline up to sixteen times, and the bart still cannot become resistant (which has been to my great advantage the past year and a half). So if I get another yeast problem (of any sort, candida or otherwise) and have to stop it, it will be very inconvenient for me!

Hmm… I have not needed my oxygen or had any trouble breathing since.. well, aside from the hospital incident, my blog tags say November! So that’s another good thing! And since I’ve pretty much covered everything, I think I’ll end on that good note. =)

To any and all of my readers, I hope this blog can somehow help you to feel less alone, whether it be in your struggles, or your thoughts.
a rainbow at night


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