I am on a roll!

Today I phoned my mother from my room and asked her if she wanted to go to the store to check out one of the sales. And of course what do women do together? They shop for underwear, of course! Amazingly, her schedule was clear, and we actually went!

Now, I don’t want to give the illusion that today I’ve felt “good,” because… Ugh. Just.. no. At this moment I’m vehemently trying not to vomit, the room is spinning, and I probably shouldn’t be typing at all. My legs will not support me further than the five feet to the bathroom, my fever has been at 99.2, I’m drinking ginger tea like it’s candy, and keep having sudden “attacks” of nausea and dizziness that come and go, as I’m wont to do when I’m in treatment via herbs or prescriptions. I’m not stating this to complain, but it’s just fact that this is not what I’d normally consider a “good” day. But if being well enough to sit up in a wheelchair is my bonus, I’ll take it! My blood pressure is stable, and thus I was once again able to be upright; so much more is possible when you’re getting adequate oxygen to your brain! We shopped for about an hour and a half and each found some pieces that fit. ♥ …

And then I got a migraine. The third one within a week’s time. The 31st: Went somewhere. The 4th: Went somewhere. The 7th: Went somewhere. First off, I almost feel obligated to mention that, this is pretty awesome, considering all I’m going through! I think it’s a blessing that I can be back on my herbs, have various energy helpers (like caffeine), be able to take Ubiquinol, and have mobility assistance, all enabling me to make the most of what I still have and can still do, whatever that may be. After all this time, I’m a pro at making the most of whatever I can do on any given day. But I’m beginning to wonder why every time I go anywhere, I return with a migraine. Is it the lights? The chemicals? The exertion? What?

So all in all, my mother and I got bonding time, pretty underwear, and a trip into the outdoors. It was fun, and spontaneous, and I hardly ever get to be spontaneous! =) I think it was worth the migraine and other sickness.

Also, finally finally finally the Lyme-headache has relieved itself from my skull. It hung around until yesterday evening, for a total of I think five days? That’s a record. So good news, that it’s gone.

Hopefully I can keep up my good streak and continue to find relatively-easy recovery from my activities. Until next time!

a rainbow at night


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