This means it’s dying, right? Day seven on Rifampin for bartonella

Today has been quite a trip.

The soles of my feet are sore. My eyes are sore. My hunger is poor. My back is spasming, forcing me to “play off” why I’m randomly screaming. I’m wrought by tremors, and I’m angry. Not at anyone or anything in particular, just your usual, run-of-the-mill, spontaneous fits of bart rage. At this rate I’m going to have one killer headache tonight…

The best part of the day was channeling whatever faux-energy aroused by my anger into a bath. A real bath, in a bathtub.

Need I mention again, Zoloft definitely doesn’t work for this type of emotional instability? I guess I can start weaning back off of it, now.

Annnnd I just realized I unfollowed someone on Twitter for no good reason. How sweet I am!

[Edit: I also have a “fun” temperature of 99.5… That’s normal for 11pm, sure.]

A heart just doesn’t seem appropriate for my signature, so…

a rainbow at night


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