The need for antibiotics before even routine dental work.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow to get my teeth cleaned, since I haven’t in three years.

Yesterday a dear friend of mine made a post about how dreadfully ill a routine cavity-filling made her feel in her immunocompromised state. (You can only imagine how it feels to have bacteria flood your bloodstream when you already have Lyme disease, bartonellosis, babesiosis, mycoplasma pneumonia, ehrlichiosis, and an active CMV infection, as she does.) This made me think back to my wisdom teeth extraction several years ago and how ill that made me, something I never forgot. Curious, I wanted to go back in my previous journal and see what type of antibiotic they’d put me on. I’m pretty sure it was simple Amoxicillin, but while I didn’t find the name of the antibiotic, I did find a description of what I felt the next day:

(Note: At the time it was only known that I had M.E., and Fibromyalgia, which was still present. I had already gotten Lyme disease, but I didn’t know it was there, yet.)

I can stand for a total of five minutes at a time. Tomorrow’s goal.. ten? Possibly fifteen or so? I seriously feel like I did when I first fell ill five years ago! Agonizing pain, unable to get out of bed and when I do only for a few minutes, barely able to eat, can’t think for my life, the room constantly spinning… Maybe when someone asks me what it feels like to have M.E. and FM, I can tell them it feels like having all four of your wisdom teeth pulled out, after losing an ungodly amount of blood, after the numbing medication has worn off but you’re unable to take any pain medication just yet because you’re already about to pass out. But the pain would be all over your body instead of just in one area… Yeah. Maybe I should have told THAT to my surgeons yesterday.

I’ve said in the past that “something” happened after that wisdom teeth extraction, but besides the physical stress (and mental trauma from the surgeons) no one really knew “what.” I just knew I wasn’t the same after it. I also had a friend who used to be on antibiotics for all of her dental work because of a heart murmur. But instead of asking them both exactly which antibiotic they’d be on to calm my curiosity, I decided to Google it. Much faster.

And that’s when I found out that antibiotics used to be recommended for anyone with any type of heart problem, even symptom-less mitral valve prolapse. (I have mitral valve regurgitation, as well as tricuspid regurgitation, i.e., my valves are weakened.) Now (because everyone is scared to death of antibiotics) they only recommend them for people who are likely to suffer consequences, such as those with a history of endocarditis. Hmmm… Check! If that weren’t enough, I found out that even routine teeth cleanings can still cause bacterimia (the condition where bacteria flood into your bloodstream, which leads to infective endocarditis, i.e., where those bacteria travel and cause infection of the heart valves)…! *insert worried face here*

So not only would I need to be on antibiotics because I’m immunocompromised, but also because of my heart, and yet no one even mentioned it this time! I had no idea that even teeth cleanings could cause this. I’m on Doxycycline and Rifampin, but neither of those are the correct class of antibiotics (penicillins, quinolones, etc.) required for preventative measures.

First my friend makes that blog post. Then I get spontaneously curious, and find out that information. I promptly informed my mother about this and she immediately goes, “Oh goodness! I just read about that in the newspaper last night and I was going to tell you about it! About how it can go to your heart!”

You’d be crazy to think this wasn’t the universe trying to tell me something. And to boot, tomorrow is a bartonella flare, when I’m going to be having bartonella-induced bacterimia all on my own, and Bartonella species are predispositioned to attack the cells of the heart. And I was going to have even more bacteria to fight off, ones that I weren’t even protected against? I’m not exaggerating when I say a combination of something like this could very well kill me.

I no longer have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “The need for antibiotics before even routine dental work.

  1. I like your comment at the end, “I no longer have a dentist appointment tomorrow.” It would sound so benign without all the other things before it! So glad I made that post when I did…that would be terrible if you’d gone to the dentist and bacteria would have flooded your body. Especially with you having weakened heart valves, and M.E., AND infections. @_________@ *clings to you* I think I was supposed to go to the dentist that day for a reason.


    1. Haha, I know! Kind of like when I decided I was superwoman in school and ended up inflaming my spinal cord. XDDD;;; I’M NOT IMMUNOCOMPROMISED, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? ;)

      I think that He was. God likes to have backup plans for us. And backup plans of backup plans.

      :) He’s using you to help me too, and using you to help so many other people. He’s good luck that!


      1. IF YOU THINK IT HARD ENOUGH IT WILL BE TRUE… Or not. Ahaha. We can try.

        And goodness, speaking of all this, I’m so glad nothing worse happened to you at the time, and that you had enough of.. whatever, to recover from all the stress and bacteria. :|


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