I’m not sure…

I’m not sure how I feel right now.

My shins are beginning to hurt. I am warm, and have to take my antibiotics in a few minutes. My muscles are not as much “worn out,” but I am weak, and I shake from it. I cannot as much as prop up on my elbow.

I can breathe all right.

I do not think myself to be dehydrated at all, but my heart rate is about 108 while lying flat. That’s.. not normal, even for me. It feels weak, my heart, but I’ve no other words to explain what I mean by that. A quick search for “weak feeling around heart” immediately brings up something about M.E., so I guess I could just chalk it up to that. I asked a few people today but no one seemed to have any idea what it meant besides a panic attack. I’m definitely not panicky, and panic attacks do not cause that type of sensation around the heart. :\ It’s been with me since I woke up today. My arrythmias can sometimes cause a quick bout of “weakness” feeling, but this is more of a constant thing… Odd.

I’m also very dizzy? But I repeat, I can breathe fine, and no more air hunger.

Well, I really should rest and not wear myself out. If I’m relaxed and hydrated with a heart rate that elevated, more typing is the last thing I should be doing! More updates tomorrow! From my HOUSE I hope! ;)

a rainbow at night


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