A Friday update

I think it’s safe to assume I will not be taking any ambulance rides this month…!

I’ve been insanely thirsty today, which is a lot better than needing hydration and electrolytes and yet not getting the signals, I must say.

Also today I’ve been very arrhythmic, which is.. not exactly unusual, but an observation that I’m having it more. I’m unsure if it’s because of electrolyte imbalance or just what else is going on. A few hours after last night’s post the tachycardia went away, and today it hasn’t been high or low. Just.. not quite synched, as far as beats go. The first time I was on antibiotics I had endocarditis from the bartonella (and survived, ha!), and the resulting herxes were very severe. This is no where near that bad, so I’m thankful.

Doxycycline takes 10 days, at 100mg twice a day, to build up a constant level in your CNS. Just 100mg doesn’t do much, so starting from when I began the 200mg, this was day eight… Yay!

Everything from my shins down is very sore and weak, in a painful way. The ends of my arms have a similar thing happening but I can still type so it’s not that awful. Light fever. I’m slightly dissociated, a little moody (but not too bad), and seeing things out of my peripheral vision. Several hours today I became very weak, almost to the point of being unable to take adequate breaths; I thought that might be the point when things took their “turn” but I eventually came out of it, and here I am. :)

I am relieved.


a rainbow at night


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