Truvia: A piece of the puzzle?

As part of my quest to get to the bottom of my body’s general overactivity, I noticed something this morning: After I drink my hot beverage, my face and right arm begin to go slightly numb. Every morning. It’s not terrible or scary, but it’s noticeable. The only common factor besides that I woke up is… I use Truvia in my beverage, whether it’s decaf coffee or tea.

Again, why I’d randomly develop any reaction to it is beyond me, but I’ve developed a reaction to a lot of things lately that aren’t normal, so I can’t really bother with the “why.” I googled it and found out numbness is actually a symptom of long-term strevia and truvia use! So while my mother was buying my probiotics today I asked her to pick up a container of Xylitol, so I’ll start using that and see if, in the morning, I still have the face and arm thing. (There’s also the fact that it’s hot, and temperature has definitely been a trigger, but can one’s vagus nerve make their arm numb? One thing at a time, though!)

Even after the initial caffeine-reaction wore off, yesterday was terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible. The worst I’ve felt and not went to the hospital. I pulled through, and was so glad to see today! Success! ;) I ate dinner and my heart raced and my limbs went cold and numb; I was inexplicably thirsty; a couple hours later I got a Migraine for which I had to take Treximet; after that my heart rate dropped and was skipping several times per minute, for two hours; I was breathless but then again I’ve been breathless every night for two weeks (the anemia doesn’t help); after that I had to take my Topamax which made my heart rate jump up again (?!?) and then begin skipping and… Ugh.

100mg of Doxy today. Started back olive leaf extract. 100mg of Doxy tomorrow and Wednesday, then we’ll see if he wants me to stay on that, or perhaps he’ll switch me to a low dose Rifampin+Zithro combo. I’d almost prefer the latter, because I just don’t know if I can deal with the Doxy this time around. And it takes a lot for me to say that. It’s the best for me, but a couple of weeks on it and I….. At least the Rifampin I was able to handle and not crumble, and I like Zithro.

Today I’ve had weird tongue sensations and borderline-migraine sensations but no full migraine. Chest pains when I sat up too long, but at least I’m sitting up! I even walked a little, though I switch between having terrible parkinsonism or look like a drunken sailor. No “episodes,” but definitely some blood vessel constriction after I ate lunch…

I used to use caffeine to maintain adequate blood circulation after meals. My heart would race and fail to keep up with my falling blood pressure, so I’d have a cup of coffee and my heart rate would go back to normal. Two-thirds of your body’s blood supply goes to your intestines after eating. Since I can’t use caffeine anymore, I halfway wonder–as far as when my limbs go extremely cold and numb after meals–if that’s got something to do with it. Your body constricts blood flow to your extremities to preserve it for your essential organs, like your brain, if those organs are having trouble getting oxygen…so if you’re digesting, and 2/3s of that blood is already being diverted… See? I’m full of so much random information, I just wish I knew how it all fit together, ha!

I really can’t believe how sick I am right now. I can’t believe how volatile things are; I’m afraid to answer anyone when they ask how I am. I never know what any drink, food, pill, or moment in time is going to hold for me, even if it’s happened 1,000 times before, because everything sets off a different (but generally similar) chain reaction. My body is trying so hard to keep up.

I see my primary physician tomorrow to update her on all that’s happened since mid December.

a rainbow at night

[Edit (2015): It is now known that stevia, the natural sweetener that is the main ingredient in Truvia, attacks both the cystic form of Lyme–causing the cysts to open–and the spirochetal, active form of the bacteria. It seems as if this really was a piece of my puzzle, and may be why my Lyme disease symptoms exploded despite actually being on treatment for bartonellosis and mycoplasmosis, not Lyme.]


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