Things are going good.

I haven’t been updating! Let’s fix that.

The 300mg daily dose of Rifampin is MUCH easier on me. I read somewhere (i.e., don’t quote me) that Rifampin strengthens the power of other antibiotics… So maybe that’s why I can handle the 600mg until anything is added to it? Regardless, I’m still herxing (some days the fatigue is fall-out-of-your-wheelchair unbearable!), but I’m not deathly ill or thinking I might need to run to the hospital once-a-week, like before.

Since that last migraine I haven’t had another, or even near another. For a while I thought the Topamax was causing me to wake up 4-5 times per night (though I still dream/reach REM-stage sleep, so this isn’t like Fibromyalgia), so I started taking it in the mornings. It still happened, so I think I’ve ruled that out. I’m still waking up several times a night, though. My experience with Topamax has been:

  • 1st week – Still lots of Migraines
  • 2nd week – Migraine “bursts” and auras
  • 3rd week – No more Migraines

Except when I introduce a trigger, of course. I like this medicine!

Yesterday was pretty bad as far as mental symptoms go, and it started the night before. I was very cynical and just generally.. foul. I kept distracted and didn’t ruin any relationships this time, aha. Last night my mentality became better and it still is as of today.

About two nights ago I woke up having a lot of trouble breathing. It was difficult to initiate swallowing again, I was short of breath, my tongue was numb, and my limbs were tingling and numb. That was about it, and it went on for about two hours… I wasn’t too unnerved, because I stupidly (yes, stupidly) ate a small meal right before I went to bed! Gah! But it was unusual, because for the past several days prior, I hadn’t had any dysautonomia problems. I’ve been splitting up my meals and eating them in small portions as to not divert too much blood flow, and up until then, it had been working.

Then this morning… I’ve woken up with slighly dropping left face, a numb & tingling left hand, and a numb & tingling left foot. I am incredibly dizzy. I’ve been awake an hour and a half and none of it has let up any. I assume I’m digesting something or another, because my right side is also experiencing numbness, but it’s not as constant as my left side. I actually fell over this morning (onto my bed, thank God!) because I couldn’t feel the toes on my left foot! Hopefully this will let up once the digestion stops…

Ah well. Time for the good news! Despite this being a usual Lyme flare period, my symptoms aren’t severe at all! No heat sensations in my left foot, and I haven’t even had the usual heart palpitations that occur! I did have upper spine pain, and a mildly severe headache (haha, and by “mildy severe” I mean a short burst of terrible pain that went away after about twenty minutes), but.. for the most part, things are lessened. (My bartonella flares have been milder, too, which is why yesterday’s snuck up on me. Normal 99.2 temp. I was also coughing a lot yesterday? Not sure if that’s signifcant. My feet started hurting the night the mental stuff began.) The only problem here, is that if I’m not having any arrhythmia, the holter moniter will have nothing to show! Ahaha. Oh, the irony. So I’m ditching my calcium and magnesium for the next five days in case it might help spark something; I’ll start it again before things get risky. I just hate the idea of wearing this thing for two weeks and it NOT showing anything!

Other good things are, I’m out of my wheelchair a lot more! I can usually go get the minor things I need, such as bottles of water or Ensure drinks, except for when.. you know, I can’t. And I still haven’t needed any oxygen supplementation. And after seeing my allergist/immunologist I found, I still have no allergies! Not a one! =) Part of me wonders how on earth I’ve avoided that… But nonetheless, I have, and it’s great. I was very short of breath in her office, and my toes turned blue (soon to be feet, if I hadn’t caught it), but propping them up on the exam table helped that, and my breathing, haha. Also, I’m able to type more now, but of course still experience the delayed muscle relapse. Baby steps!


a rainbow at night


4 thoughts on “Things are going good.

  1. *cheers* This is all lovely news. I hope it just keeps going upwards, and YES for better antibiotic dosages. And not feeling so bad on your period. >.< That's always a lovely sign, or at least, it was for me. I am SO glad no hospital appears imminent and you can get yourself things most of the time, now. That's just great. T____T *so happy*


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