Extreme Fatigue and Dizziness

I posted this on the 16th but made it Private because I couldn’t edit it. OCD and all.

April 16, 2011, 11:29 pm

Today was another very rough day. I only started coming around at about 10pm. The dizziness today has been extreme. My ginger gum helped, and ibuprofen was amazing. I had some chest pain but it wasn’t coming from my heart; it was as if something in my chest cavity was being stabbed? Perhaps some inflammation there. Very uncomfortable but with the ibuprofen it went away as well.

I did sleep better than usual last night, but I’m just so exhausted. I assume one of my bouts of fatigue. (I forgot to mention, my sleeping problems were apparently caused by sleeping with wires strapped to my chest; after the holter monitor came off, I slept fine.) One downside of a reversed sleep schedule is that people have to be active from 7-11am and they wake me up frequently, despite a fan for white noise and earplugs that either fall out or cause terrible pain from the pressure. One good thing, though, is that my schedule is slowly going backwards! I used to fall asleep at 5-7am at my worst, then it settled at around 4-5am, and right now I’m at around 2-3am! :D If I didn’t feel like roadkill in the mornings, it’d probably be easier to set my alarm earlier, but the first part of my day in general is just a mess…

I’d really like to know what is happening to me lately. The fatigue I feel is positively crushing; it’s so difficult to sit up, even to brush my teeth. I have to choose between eating and bathing again. Today I finally got a bath, and with a lot of ubiquinol I was able to eat my first meal of the day at 6pm. You can only drink so many Ensure drinks…! But I do feel stronger after the medicine + substantial food. (I lost another two pounds. :\)

I felt better two, three weeks ago than I do right now. I was able to walk. I was able to sit up and eat… And I can’t even remember the last time I sat up using my own muscles (without having to lean against anything) and ate food. It was shocking, and wonderful. But now?

I don’t know. Did I overdo it? Is it the Lyme flaring up? It’s the 18th and due time for it. Is it because I’ve been forgetting some of my supplements? I have no idea. My throat has some inflammation, I’ve felt very flu-ish at certain parts of the day, and the dizziness is extreme. Extreme. For all I know a random virus could be flaring because I keep forgetting my olive leaf extract.

When I was herxing the first time on Rifampin, I was incapacitated by fatigue. I can see in my health blog where I mentioned the 300mg I’m on is easier for herxing but still terrible for the fatigue part… So maybe that has something to do with it as well. I just hope whatever it is, lets up soon.

a rainbow at night


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