Frustrated rambling: I simply feel sick.

Yesterday I felt.. really good! It was just a simple not-sick feeling that is pretty rare. I had enough energy to take a bath in the middle of the day. But I was also really, really moody, and I had a lot of random derealization. I don’t know why I bother to say “I’ve lost track of my bartonella flares” because every time I announce it, it’s as if they hear me, and remind me. I was irrationally angry (and this was after finding peace with whatever issues had actually been on my mind) and volatile for no good reason. My feet really hurt, particularly my right one. I had stabbing head pains. But no fever yesterday!

Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by how well I’ve been feeling. I felt really good when I recovered from the hospital in March. Then I entered three weeks of feeling horrid in April… Then I came out of it by May. Then the end of May come around and I started to feel horrid again.

Yesterday was the end of my Lyme flare. My headache was completely gone and again, I felt good. Today has been the exact opposite. I was so out of breath for about three hours, it was scary. It wasn’t “air hunger.” If I’d had my oxygen I would have used it, and I think I needed it, because I fell asleep like I used to a long time ago when I was unaware of the infections and couldn’t stay awake from the extent of my weak breathing, slipping into this involuntary semi-coma because of my O2 levels dropping. Trying to move only made me further out of breath. I had not taken anything unusual, nor eaten a big meal. When I woke up, the “spell” had passed, and I’m not having any trouble breathing, otherwise. I’ve no idea what it was. It started at about 3pm and lasted until I woke up at 6pm. I’ve been in bed all day, too generally out of breath to stay upright.

I just hate being in this limbo and not knowing why, because then it becomes impossible to figure out if it’s something I’m doing or something inward that I have no control over. I suppose the best I can do is just to do whatever I can correctly, and chalk the rest up to my body being my body. Perhaps I just got a little too excited with my last improvements, that things were going to keep being like that. Maybe they still will…


2 thoughts on “Frustrated rambling: I simply feel sick.

  1. *hugs you* :( I don’t like limbo at all, it’s a really frustrating place to be, especially when you’re working so hard to maintain your health. I hope that you go back to feeling relatively improved, soon. If it makes you feel better, the same thing happens to me. I seem to get a lot better and then I fall back into feeling really sick again for awhile. Who knows why??? *hugs you* :3 ALSO the Lyme plushie thingie I got you–my mom got me one too for my birthday and it just got here today. I had no idea she did that! So now we shall both have one, but I can’t tell you exactly what it is ;)


    1. Aww! That was so sweet of your mother to get you a plushie, how comforting and thoughtful! I’m sure your gift box will arrive to me tomorrow–I can’t wait. ;)

      It does make me feel better to know that these things just happen. I’ve seen it happen to you and my LLMD says that it’s pretty typical as well. Now that I’m on my Zoloft I hope things will be less frustrating for me to deal with, and also I’m more used to things being like “this” now. Thank you <3 (Also I'm sorry for all of these late replies!)


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