Important Post

A tree came through our house. Or more specifically, directly through my room, on top of my bed, while I was in it. I’m only alive to type this because (lol excluding God) some power lines supported the end of the tree and it stopped about eight inches above my face… Power lines.

I was typing a blog entry when it happened so I’m having a mini panic attack even being on this site.

No more updates from me until we know where we’re going to live, because we have no more house. My apologies to those following this blog.


8 thoughts on “Important Post

  1. All the best wishes to you and your family. I guess it’s like they say, when it rains it pours…

    See the bright side: Some people go to distant parts of the world and pay lots of money to come back with stories like that – and here the story comes to you :-)


    1. So true! And on top of that, the tree tried to take out my laptop (damaged keyboard), my cellphone died, and my father had a heart attack. Truly a series of events… But each and every one of them has led to a different miracle, so I can’t complain at all. :) I sure sympathize with the families battling hurricane damage right now!

      Thank you :)


  2. Oh my word! I’m so sorry about your house and your guaranteed-to-be-there PTSD. Wow, that is just scary! I will be thinking about you and praying for your family. I am so glad you were spared! Lots of love and virtual hugs!! <3


    1. I’ll probably have less chance of PTSD since I’m on.. a brand new laptop and we’re getting a brand new home! :D Blessings, blessigns everywhere. And here I am on my health blog and not having anxiety. I think I’m going to pull through without too much trauma, amazingly. Thank you so much for your concern and prayers, and I hope you’ve been making some progress in your own struggles. <33


  3. <3 I'm glad to see you update here, but also glad it's not long if it's giving you a panic attack. I hope the new hotel is better and you are more comfortable, and things are less dangerous for you, physically! @_@

    This is such a stupid thing…but D: I wanted to know if you could still access your mail and if you couldn't if I could send you something else for your birthday to wherever you are. Because….it's your BIRTHDAY. ;_;


    1. This hotel, honestly, is quite wonderful. A big fluffy bed, all things are within reach since it’s jsut one room (unlike searching a house), there is a pool if I”m feeling strong enough for some water therapy, hot breakfast every morning, free hot tea, good air conditioning…and a puppy. :)

      And my birthday has already come and gone but thank you again for the wonderful package! <3


    1. I felt.. well.. I didn’t even have time to feel, really, because my family came rushing into the room thinking I was crushed, and all I could do was scream to them repeatedly that I was all right and hope they heard me. It wasn’t until days later that the horror of the situation actually settled in!

      Thanks so much <3


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