Here we go again! (A real post, this time.)

All right. A real update! As far as I’m aware, the strange macular rash on my stomach is gone. For now.

My weekend sickness? Otherwise known as the 7 Day Flare? Well, in the beginning it was from Friday to late Saturday. Eventually it was all of Saturday and Sunday, which is when I mainly started to notice it. A couple of weeks or so ago it started to be Sunday and Monday and now, I think it has moved even further down the week. (I do recall pondering the possibility of it working its way forward, but other things could be causing this, such as when I had to stop antibiotics for a week last month, and the re-exposure to new bugs via the fleas…)

All this weekend, I was fine. On Sunday I even chased my dog around for a minute! But Monday night I started getting an awful headache, which I’ve had since. I’m unsure if it’s a migraine or not, because it moves around and started in my neck, which is not typically migraine-y…? But I did get an absolutely awful episode of Alice in Wonderland syndrome the night before. But yes, then Tuesday wasn’t great, but by the time I awoke on Wednesday I was in full meltdown mode, as if it were a weekend. Then today was even worse. I did have a fever yesterday and much of today, but no thermometer to check its severity. I’ve been so medicated. Ibuprofen every few hours, Lortab every four hours, and I’ve already gone through half a pack of my ginger gum whereas I usually only need one per day! Every morning since Tuesday I’ve woken up with simultaneous excruciating head pain (worse each day), wanting to vomit, and the room spinning. I know some bug is flaring up, because I have been fighting dehydration for three days, and subsequently had very, very bad Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome–I’m lucky to be able to be upright the few minutes it takes for the restroom! Yesterday my father even asked if I needed help getting there, which was truly humbling. (Do I look that bad?) And for it to be happening despite me getting adequate water and electrolytes… It’s typical of my spontaneous bug-related dehydration episodes. (But no hospitals!) Even worse, my cardiac symptoms, which sprung up with September’s Beginning of the Month Lyme flare, are in general so much worse, and they haven’t left yet! In addition to the arrhythmia, I’ve also had chest pain, and I’ve been struggling to breathe. I am always needing to take a deep breath (it’s not air hunger, though) and it gets worse when I lie down. So, further evidence for my electrolytes being off, as far as arrhythmia, but… The chest pain, and then difficulty breathing when I lie down…?

I’m starting to wonder if whatever I picked up from the fleas is affecting me worse than I initially thought. I do have an appointment with my LLMD on the 14th, and I’ll be telling him about all these things in case he wants to test for something. I’m not sure what it would help, since I’m already on the treatment, but… It might be important to document re-exposure, if it did happen. So that’s where we’re at…

…I just took a moment to read my last post and noticed that I had nearly the exact same symptoms last Tuesday and Wednesday. Severe headache that started in my neck, bouts of severe dizziness, and (though I forgot to write it above) I also had shin pain yesterday, just like this time last week… Ah! See, this is why I keep a health blog. :\ I had forgotten all about last week, but there seems to be something of a pattern with these symptoms. I really hope next week isn’t this bad–especially because my appointment is on a Wednesday! That used to be the best day of the week for me, but it’s certainly not anymore. You just have to go with the flow, though. I’ve really been into Buddhist teachings and everything concerning living in the moment. Because that’s all most of us can do–take it one moment to the next, and enjoy as much peace as we can along the way.

Til next post!

a rainbow at night


2 thoughts on “Here we go again! (A real post, this time.)

  1. This is all really awful. I was getting more and more appalled as I read it. O_O *shakes fist at the fleas* If they gave you more bugs…that would be just….:(….I would want to come over there and punch them! ;)

    And as soon as I read “chest pain and then trouble breathing when lying down”–or something like that–I had to start typing right away. I had that too UNTIL I STARTED TREATING FOR BABESIA AND BARTONELLA. I know you have Bart, but it’s down a lot, so I’m not sure what’s causing yours. :( But I’ve had that too, and it’s scary, and it’s terrible not to be able to breathe. I hope your LLMP can figure out what bug is causing your troubles with that. It’s the worst and you just…lay there trying to get your breath.

    This sounds really awful, and I’m sorry everything is getting worse for you, lately. :( Unfortunately I’m with you–things are majorly down hill for me too, as evidenced by dusting off the chair >.> About the bathroom and your “Do I look so bad?” my mom keeps saying how bad I look. O_o It’s so disconcerting! I know that we’ll both prevail in the end and fight through it.

    But….I’m glad you had that brief moment of chasing your dog around….those moments are so precious, and remind me at least that I am happy I’m alive and glad that I’m fighting. So I hope you have more and more of those little moments of happiness. *hearts*

    Also, heart problems are some of the most scary Lyme symptoms I think, I think because those are the most dangerous and you’re just afraid something bad is happening with them. And I don’t even have M.E. to make it worse and scarier! O____O So I can’t imagine!

    I’ll be praying for you.


    1. Ah, I know, bartonella has caused me a lot of chest pain over the years. The main cause, even. It got really bad the first time I got all the flea bites in 2008, but I had gotten endocarditis then…but, we now know I may have gotten ehrlichiosis or another rickettsial infection from the fleas in addition, so I can’t specifically blame it on the bart, despite it being well-known for causing cardiac problems. And it certainly has in me…

      What used to happen when I would first lie down, is I’d get a sudden burst of irregular heart beat and have to gasp for breath. That went away after several months on Rifampin. Now the problem is, it’s like I always have to take deep breaths whenever I’m on my back. I’m not low on oxygen, it’s not air hunger where I feel like I just can’t get enough air–I can breathe–but I always have to “supplement,” if you will, by taking a deep breath every few minutes, like I’m not breathing deeply enough or something. :\ I’m so sorry you’re stil having the “not enough air” feeling–that is SO maddening! I’m not sure what’s up with my issue, but it’s been going on for I guess two months, now, and recently just got particularly annoying with all my other heart stuff. If it persists, I have to see a doctor about it, because something else could be going on besides these bugs. I’ll see my cardiologist in October for my repeat echocardiogram, for all I know the valve regurgition could be worse and causing most or all of this–shortness of breath lying down is a main symptom. And goodness knows whenever I get any bug it immediately goes to my heart and brain, so I’m sure the re-exposure, even if I AM on the right antibiotics, doesn’t help! D: My body goes through so much to try and support me.

      I really can’t figure out why what APPEARS to be bartonella symptoms are flaring up in such a strange way. Even seven days, rash on my stomach (that is typical bartonella quintana but I don’t know if that’s what’s causing it), shin pain, headache, fever, dizziness. I’m just glad the psychiatric component is almost non-existent! I have gone through so much to finally be rid of that!

      I’m sorry you have to return to your wheelchair. :( I understand–I’ve been needing it a lot more often than I’d like to admit, recently. Something is going on and I can only hope my LLMD can point me to some sort of answers–even before the fleas and the tree-crash stress, my body was going through something, as evidenced by me getting so sick I had to stop antibiotics, getting that severe infection flare, and getting the migrating spotted rash on my feet again, even before I had this new one after the fleabites! I can’t help but feel something is backsliding, you know? I feel great off of antibiotics, so I know all of this has paid off, but that dosen’t change the fact that I have still several infections flaring up every few days and trying to do damage. :(


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