Possibly the Best Video About Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) I’ve Ever Seen

M.E. is Real: The True Facts Doctors and Journalists Need to Know

Told by a person with M.E., it’s very to-the-point and highly, highly worth sharing with all your friends and family, particularly those who might not understand the gravity of what you’re going through. You can watch it above, or (and preferably), click here to watch it at Get Well From ME and/or read a transcript of the video.

“People with M.E. are more likely to die younger, including from heart, kidney, and neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. More people with M.E. commit suicide, often because they are not offered the hope and support they desperately need, but are instead often maligned by medics, the media, and society, as malingerers or “not really ill,” when they are desperately ill and may often be literally bedbound for many years. Lynn Gilderdale was severely ill with M.E. since she was fourteen, and in her thirties she took her own life. Before she died, Daily Mail journalist Gill Swain saw her, and said afterwards:

‘I had seen African children suffering from starvation;
met people dying of AIDS;
patients paralyzed from the neck down;
others in the last stages of terminal cancer.
But I had never seen a living person as desperately ill as Lynn.’


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