Migraines and Caffeine and Surprises, Oh Yes!

I’m pushing it by typing this, but I just can’t help it. I will rest extra tomorrow to make up for it.

I’m excited. There are flowers in my room and I’ve realized they make me very, very happy. Today while lying in bed, I looked around and just admired how incredibly gorgeous my surrounding are, and allowed myself to feel gratitude for it. This is what I wanted, after all–a place to feel peaceful. The weather was wonderful and I looked out of my open window.

That headache I got the other day was a migraine. It kept going away and coming back, so it had me confused, and it didn’t respond to Treximet, which had me more confused. But today, not wanting to take another Treximet because of how awful they make me feel–numbness and dizziness and generally an awakening of all those weird symptoms I get during my autonomic neuropathy “episodes”–I chose to take a risk. I’ve been able to handle some caffeine for a while now, and recently I’ve pushed the boundaries further with no ill results. So I took an Excedrin Migraine, the one thing I’ve used to control my migraines for the past thirteen years. Some may or may not remember the insane reaction I developed to caffeine, but today, nothing happened. Oh, except my migraine going away, that is! I didn’t get any of those dreaded symptoms! I feel I am finally free and healed of whatever occured in my body/brain that made caffeine such a trigger for the past nine months. And I am elated!

Caffeine is a drug, and one that helps me do far more than just stay awake. I can stay awake on my own. But now I can use it to stand up in the mornings, earlier than the two hours I usually need beforehand to avoid passing out. Now I can use it to help me digest food if I begin experiencing post-prandial hypotension. Now I can use it to get rid of my migraines. Now I can use it to help my brain in general! I mean, look at me, typing these entries!

But I am not going to start taking it everyday. Nor am I going to allow it to mask my symptoms so that I overexert, which is dangerous. I’ll probably mess up a few times–not being used to differentiating, after not using it for so long–but that’s all right. I will figure it out!

With that in mind, I shall close this entry, but I wanted to post about this wonderful news. :)


a rainbow at night

(P.S. – Oh! And I have a surprise for December!)


6 thoughts on “Migraines and Caffeine and Surprises, Oh Yes!

  1. So happy for your beautiful flowers! Little things like that make such a huge difference. My friend Maria came to visit me last week and sat on the bed talking to me for about an hour. It was like this ray of sunshine, having company like that for a bit.

    She’s coming back soon to watch Under Our Skin with me. You’re right, it is an AWESOME movie and explains so much. I’m so glad my dad agreed to watch it with me. After that I felt like he finally understood what’s been going on for me. How are your parents with everything?


    1. Aww, I’m so glad to hear you have friends that will come and talk with you for an hour. It’s so important to stay connected with people, when all these illnesses want to do is keep us isolated.

      I’m glad you watched the film! I’m honored when my friends watch it–some of them even on their own!–and it’s always helped them to gain a better understanding of what Lyme disease really is. I’ve watched it with my mother (who was constantly trying to tell me how to treat my disease, prior to) and it changed her views. Before, I think she saw it as a worser-than-average infection. Afterwards, I think she truly understood that this was a fight for my life, and the treatment protocols needed to be left in the hands of the professionals.

      My parents… Well, I’ve been ill for ten years, with the M.E., before I ever got the Lyme, so by now they know what to expect. Also, I had a half-sister with MS, so they’re no stranger to chronic diseases.


  2. This is really wonderful :) I am glad you have flowers in your room. I think it helps make the place alive, and when you spend a lot of time there, well, that’s really important.

    Congrats on the Caffeine, that is wonderful news too. I hope you get to drink some really lovely teas and coffees now and enjoy them a lot.

    I am sorry about your heart, though. :( I wish I could articulate it better but I am sorry that you had to get the news it’s worse. I know you are eventually expecting it but that’s still not good to hear and know. Many hugs!


    1. It’s true! Maybe you should go get some flowers, too. :) I’ve read in psychology articles for years that they help sick people, but… It’s really true!

      Oh my! Now I can enjoy certain drinks again! I had gone without for so long I actually forgot about this… Thank you for reminding me! I’m going to hunt down some blackberry iced tea, now. ;)

      If it had to be worse, at least it’s not TOO worse, you know? If I get these infections under control, things shouldn’t progress too quickly. I’m doing all that I possibly can, so there’s comfort in that–whatever happens, it won’t be for my lack of trying! <3 Thank you honey


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