A break from the norm: The Sunshine Award.

A break from the normal health posts to be honored with The Sunshine Award:

Somewhere along the line, it became the Dark Sunshine Award when its’ picture changed from normal to this… Which is fairly appropriate, don’t you think? A rainbow at night… Dark sunshine… Anyway. It comes with rules!

Rules for the Sunshine Award:

  1. Post the award picture with a backlink to the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the ten questions posed to you.
  3. Pass on the award to 10 or more bloggers.

The Questions:

  1. Favorite color:  Red. Definitely red.
  2. Favorite animal:  Too many! But among the things I have a soft spot for, are jellyfish, chickadees, goats, and foxes.
  3. Favorite number:  Seven.
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  A hot café au lait with honey.
  5. Facebook or Twitter:  Definitely Twitter, for allowing me to connect with the audience mostly associated with this blog, and share thoughts in a way that’s brain-friendly.
  6. My passion:  The pursuit of knowledge, the expression of creativity, and finding a way to engage both that makes the world a better place.
  7. Getting or giving presents:  Hmm… I’m always an anxious ball of excitement when I’m waiting to give someone something, so getting them is at least easier. But I love buying gifts for people for no reason at all.
  8. Favorite pattern:  Paisley.
  9. Favorite day of the week:  Wednesday.
  10. Favorite flower:  Sunflowers.

The Nominees:

  1. Words Less Spoken
  2. How To Be Sick
  3. My CFS Life
  4. Becoming VISIBLE 4ME
  5. 4Walls and AView
  6. Dreams at Stake
  7. The Brighter Side
  8. The Jewelry Fairy
  9. Fighting Lyme Peacefully
  10. Lyme Chick | Beating Lyme Disease

Wow, look at that, I actually made it to ten! I’m going to make it a note to mention people in my Twitter post of this, so I hope everyone will know they’ve been nominated!

a rainbow at night


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