A Little About Me: The Liebster Award

It’s German for “sweetheart,” from what I can gather, and it’s interesting-enough, that’s for sure…

Rules for the Liebster Award:
(01) Post eleven facts about yourself.
(02) Answer the questions the tagger has set for You.
(03) Create eleven questions for the people You’ve tagged to answer.
(04) Tag eleven people.

For my dearest fellow spoonies, please do not feel obligated to do all of the steps! If you cannot, that is just fine. ♥ Goodness knows it took me over a month to be able to put all three sections together…

Eleven Facts:

  1. I am the-supposedly-elusive INFJ.
  2. I listen to music in over twenty languages. Or possibly thirty, at this point. I like to mention that as an example of how you don’t necessarily need to able to understand every word–or even any word!–to feel the emotions behind a piece of art. Some of my favourite artists/bands sing in Romanian, French, Russian, and Japanese.
  3. If I were the type for tattoos, I would get one that said “No Enemy Within,” referencing this African Proverb. Alas, I think the human body is beautiful enough without them, though I do NOT judge those who have or are even covered with them. I’m not sure where I’d get it placed, but since it won’t be happening, I don’t have to know…!
  4. As far as television, I usually end up loving shows that don’t make it, or only last a season or two. Similarly, with films, I tend to end up liking the ones that have 2 stars, over four. (It’s unintentional, I swear.) I’m truly baffled when I enjoy a mainstream production!
  5. In addition to English, I also speak French and Japanese. I was intermediate at both, but I’m not sure if my memory would permit that anymore.
  6. I’m teaching myself to be ambidextrous. I used to be able to write with my other hand quite well, but that’s no longer the case, so I guess I have to relearn! It’s been a great help to managing the muscle fatigability of myalgic encephalomyelitis.
  7. I’ve been drawing for twenty years. But with the progression of the muscle weakness, it’s become incredibly taxing on my arms. For the past two years, most of my artistic abilities have been focused on painting, but more recently I’ve gotten into the art of zentangles!
  8. I love watching figure skating. Many years ago, I used to watch it all the time. I’m not sure why I stopped, but I picked it up again recently. To my surprise, the same names were being thrown around, so perhaps I haven’t missed much? My favourite performer was Irina Slutskaya. (Somehow, my absolute favourite performance made it to YouTube–it’s featured in the first three minutes.)
  9. My furbaby is a Yorktese named Muffin. She’s a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix, and sort of “accidental” gift. A number of unusual and unfortunate circumstances made it so that in 2009, I was the only one with the means to buy her medicine she needed to survive. A family member wanted to use her for breeding, but their “supplier” didn’t take very good care of the animals. *sigh* My showing up when I did saved her life, and I’ve since gotten her spayed and happy as my beloved pet, instead of a source of income.
  10. I’d never had an avocado, until this year. Actually, until this month! And I probably still wouldn’t, had a friend not recommended a guacamole recipe. (The woman in the produce section was just as shocked as you probably are… Did you know scientists think they’re dinosaur food?)
  11. I have a photographic memory. But I wasn’t always like this. In fact, I used to be amazed at and envious of people who had this ability. After developing severe cognitive dysfunction as a result of this illness, the wonderful concept of plasticity utilized whatever parts of my brain still worked. For me–and perhaps my history of being an artist had something to do with this–it just so happened my visual memory was practically unscathed, so my neurons latched onto that as a way of processing information since it worked the best. (I wouldn’t say I have an eidetic memory, because that is supposed to encompass more than just visual cues. Then again, I can also play instruments by ear, so, who knows!)

Luna’s Questions:

  1. What was your first perfume and how did you acquire it? Outside of dipping into my mother’s stash as a child, Chanel’s Chance was the first I ever owned, as almost all perfumes get me ill. But not that one! Someone gave it to me in a gift bag while I was in a hotel during a hurricane evacuation. The first I ever bought for myself? J’adore from Dior.

  2. Do you prefer bar soap, shower gel, or something else for bathing? Dove’s half-moisturizer hypoallergenic soap, for me. I do love shower gels, but in a choice of drying out my skin to get a certain scent, or being soft and clean and then just applying body sprays afterward, well…
  3. If it could be any colour of the spectrum, what would your “natural” haircolor be? Can I answer crimson? I love my hair that colour. (Note: This is not me.)
  4. What was your favourite childhood movie and do you think it influenced your development? The Flight of Dragons, and yes, probably. It at least gave me a firm devotion to mythological creatures, which has been a focal part in my artwork for years.
  5. What is your favourite museum, or if you’ve never been, which would you like to visit? I have only been to a small local one where I used to live; it had a giant skeleton of a dinosaur-fish. (Note: Still not me)
  6. If you could domesticate any animal, which would you keep as a pet? Realistically, probably a fox and a raven, which are both possible. Unrealistically, a panther, but…
  7. Do you think your name suits your personality? It means “goddess of victory,” so yes! But mostly I go by my nickname of Kit, and still, yes.
  8. If you could do it all over again, what career would you pursue? If I could do it all over again, I would have taken the art university scholarship and focused on that; at least I can still do art every once in a while, where as there isn’t much you can do in the way of neuropsychological research when you have this much illness.
  9. Where is your “Happy Place”? San Francisco. My spirit feels alive in its beauty and peace, and the kindness and acceptance of the people there. But right now? I’ve learned to love my bedroom and make it my happy place, expressive of me and my tastes–after all, I am in here almost 24/7!
  10. What was your least favourite “required reading” book in school and why? Uh… Anything by Edgar Allan Poe, and oh, Beowulf… OH, wait. LEAST favourite? I can’t stand Shakespeare… Nothing. No Romeo and Juliet, no sonnets, no MacBeth, no Hamlet, none of it.
  11. Did your family have any odd traditions growing up? I guess I didn’t, because I can’t answer this question no matter how long I stare at it.

From Me to You:

  1. What is your favourite language?
  2. What is your greatest fear?
  3. Do you have any artistic outlets?
  4. Why did you start blogging?
  5. How do you feel about dried cranberries?
  6. How would you describe your fashion sense, or your desired fashion sense?
  7. What would you like to do more of in life?
  8. What is one new thing you would like to learn?
  9. Coffee or tea, or both?
  10. How do you stay in touch with nature?
  11. Do you feel more alive in sunlight or moonlight?

The Nominees:

a rainbow at night


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