This blog is changing…

When I opened this blog I was in the midst of my immune system crashing from an acute infection the year before. Bartonellosis raged from being off treatment/antibiotics for the last eight consecutive months. I needed somewhere to write it all down because no one else was talking about it to the point that I could understand, save one woman named Peggy who had M.E. for years and then got bitten by a bartonella-infected dog. I related to her because our symptoms were identical.

Eventually, that all worked out and my blog from start to January 2012 was a “diary of treating bartonellosis” in a way that I’ve never seen online, and perhaps that’s why my blog got so many visitors. What I didn’t expect was to get almost 10,000 views in 2011, and I never could have expected to get 20,000 views in 2012, last year.

So am I writing to an audience now, or should I do what I’ve always done, and just write?

Immediately the answer came to me, because the purpose of my blog really hasn’t changed all THAT much. It’s still chronicling the life of someone with chronic illness, and one of the most substantial things that happens with any life changing event like a disease is the fact that it changes your life.

If you’re the same person before and after an illness, you missed the point.

So with that, it’s natural that my blog would change with me, as I grow and adapt to a different way of viewing life, a better way of viewing life. I used to be very technical, still having the brain circuitry of someone who was inching toward their Ph.D. in neuropsychology.

For example, the categories you see on the side are for me to click and find, “When did I last experience this symptom?” If it weren’t for me staying on top of that, my doctor and I had no way for me to chart my progress in bartonella-killing, so for a long time it was essential to my even staying alive. Now, it’s.. just a reference point. I put them in a drop-down menu instead of a rolling list.

I don’t think I’ll be doing as much of the technical, research article-posting, news-commenting, advocacy-oriented stuff that doubled alongside my symptom charting. Not never, just.. not as much. I’ll always be a researcher at heart, but why I write here, I feel, is very different compared to when I started. And that’s a good thing.

The “Life Lessons” section was never planned, but after so many heartfelt entries about sorting through the emotional side of living with incurable disease, of living with disease that people blame YOU for getting and keeping (?!?), that does whatever it wants no matter how you try to make it better… Well, it birthed itself, really. It’s probably my favourite part of this site.

I imagine things will follow a similar vein as that.


People didn’t even know my name until a couple of months ago. Hi, I’m Kit. I’m an Optimistic realist, Writer, Artist, Universalist, Buddhist, and Spoonie. Welcome to my blog, where I always look for the colours in the darkness…

a rainbow at night


8 thoughts on “This blog is changing…

  1. Isn’t it strange, how a blog can change and grow over the course of a year? I haven’t even completed my first year of blogging, and I already feel like mine has changed and morphed and is still in the process of becoming. I’m kind of curious as to where it will go this year.

    Anyway, I love the way YOUR blog is changing! “If you’re the same person before and after an illness, you missed the point.” YES. This reminds me of what my doctor told me, after my first surgery three years ago. “Illness always teaches us something.” Oh, yes, it does. Hard lessons, but worthwhile.

    With love from your sister warrior pixie. :)


  2. Hey, I was watching a Marty Ross webinar, and one of the questions SO reminded me of you.

    “gary from grand forks asks: Dr. Ross, With your help I found out that I could never detox. With energy infusion, and the two thorne methyl products, I am geting better. What do you think of mthfr testing? Which one would you recommend? Thanks for everything”

    He explained the question (as it’s written in short hand for people that know what this stuff is about). Basically some people have a genetic mutation which means they can’t detox as effectively, some pathway is blocked or not working. So it means they have awful reactions to drugs. And just can’t take them. I thought that sounded like you, so thought I’d share. The doctor explains it and what can be done about it in the webinar, It’s in the first half, but I haven’t got a timer thing so don’t know how far in.

    Hope this is helpful :)


    1. Ahhhh, yes. I’ve heard of this a lot, and I love that site! It was very kind of you to think about me and take the time to send me a message. I see my doctor next week, and I will ask about the tests (including homocysteine levels which, if elevated, could be a contributor to my recent vascular issues), and go from there. :) Thanks again!


  3. With your gifts, you have been and will continue to be the conduit of blessings for all. I am deeply thankful for you and that you will continue to share your life with us. Yes, just write!

    “If you’re the same person before and after an illness, you missed the point.” *Applause* How perfectly said!

    Hi Kit, the artist. We have that in common, too.



    1. Oh, goodness. What a compliment! I am deeply thankful for you and your blog, as well. I get so excited when I see you’ve made a new post, because I can always relate to them so clearly. You’re one of the few bloggers out there with whom I truly “connect.” I am grateful that you share your words with everyone.

      I think those of us who’ve dealt will illness so long, come to a common understanding. And I think we are on similar paths, spiritually and otherwise. Peace to you as well, my friend.


  4. Greetings from susan…am a follower of Hidden Lives blog….recently commented there. Am happy to see that you are here and easy to subscribe to. Have been ill, chronically with M.E since the early 1990’s gradual, but severe onset, while working in hospital as a nurse. Anyway, through the years, have been on and off sites and blogs as the need arises….Yet there is always that need to connect to others who understand this…..and still find inspiration, beauty and are aware of one’s spirit in life’s journey. Looking ahead to reading your blog….thanks, Susan.


    1. What a pleasure it is to meet you, Susan. Aha, I understand the “as the need arises,” part. I’m glad you are able to reach out and find what you need, and it would be an honour to take this journey together!

      I have a few posts planned, but an unexpected family visit has set me back a bit in schedule. Not a criticism of that wonderful opportunity, but an explanation of why I may be slow to write for a bit. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and I hope I can continue to inspire you in some way or another. :) Blessings ♥


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