“These are a few of my favourite things…”

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Es...
Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota

I have definitely been doing a lot of LIVING the past several months. I’d call all of my New Year resolution goals a success so far, with the exception of writing in my daily journal which I did for a month then found redundant, so I let it go. I’ve been enjoying a monthly audiobook, I’ve continued my studies in French, I’ve been leaving the house with NO intentions of anything health-related–movies, performances, cafés–and delved into my art, photography, writing…

“Venture out, jump in, and be a part of this great and fascinating universe in which you find yourself.”

“On this day, in this place, as you are, with what you have, let go of the fears, worries and doubts, and richly, joyfully live.”

Ralph Marston

You know in those fiction novels, or even some movies, where the character randomly starts naming all these things they like, usually as an attempt to describe who they are…? Or sometimes, depending on the level of the story, it’s about personal reflection. Well I’ve been doing that, lately. In “real life.”

“There are many amazing things you will discover, and their only value is whatever is realized in the moment you find them.”

Matt Kahn

Like, I think sunflowers are amazing. And I really like jellyfish. And leafy seadragons. And cake, and chickadee songs, and floral prints and vanilla-flavoured beverages…

It feels kind of invigorating, to think that even now, I’m still.. becoming something. I’m still becoming.

a rainbow at night


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