IVIG Can Help Eradicate Bartonella Infection: My Success Thus Far.

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After almost seven years with this infection, I think the bartonella may be gone for good.

If you recall from this previous post, I talked about how my health was either about to nosedive, or finally overthrow this infection thanks to the millions of antibodies I now get infused into my body every four weeks (certainly many of which are bartonella antibodies, since this bacteria is so common)… Guess which one happened?

Since April, I’ve been having none–none–of those symptoms I talked about eight months ago.

My favourite part of this–aside from the “won’t have bartonella as a possible cause of death” thing, of course–is that I finally have my personality back, without a lapse every five or six days. I am emotionally stable! I also think that toxoplasmosis may have been playing a far greater role than my doctors originally thought, because my level of extraversion is also completely gone and I am now a solid INFJ instead of the ambivert I’d been for most of my life… But that’s a topic for another day.

As I said the first time the bartonella was painstakingly beaten into remission, it’s been known to relapse, sometimes even up to 15 years later. But for right now? It’s over.

It’s over it’s over it’s ok.

And now, to elaborate on all the things that my miracle IVIG has done and is doing:

  1. Eradicated all strains of bartonella
  2. Finished off lingering rickestsia, ehrlichia, and toxoplasma infections
  3. Fighting Lyme disease bacteria and mycoplasma pneumoniae;
    • the two are clinically indistinguishable and I’ve tested positive for both, so who knows!
  4. Since April, my pain levels are no longer steadily worsening;
    • seemingly the result of removing bartonella?
  5. I can now reply to e-mails, comments, and other messages once or twice a week instead of a few times per year.
    • Ever since the M.E. came out of remission in 2007, I’ve only been able to read books for maybe a combined 2 weeks per year. I did have some better periods while on antibiotics for Lyme & Company, but since stopping treatment three years ago I’ve had to rely on audiobooks, only. People with M.E. have eye tracking problems, and I guess some of that must be infection and/or immune mediated, for antibiotics to have helped at all, and for IVIG to have helped so dramatically. Subsequently, my ability to read shorter things has also magnificently improved, but. Books!!!
  7. I CAN EAT RAW VEGETABLES AGAIN, as well as a much wider variety of cooked vegetables, too!
    • This is something I haven’t been able to do in at least seven years because I just couldn’t digest them. In fact,
  8. ALL symptoms of autonomic neuropathy have either improved or stopped worsening, including:
    • peripheral neuropathy
    • trouble swallowing
    • heat/cold intolerance and dysregulation
    • gastroparesis and other digestive problems
    • blood pressure dysregulation
    • heart rhythm abnormalities
    • and urinary problems (i.e. difficulty sensing bladder fullness, inabilty to empty bladder, inability to start urination and/or completely empty bladder)
  9. I no longer have regular symptom patterns of Lyme (and/or Mycoplasma).
  10. I no longer need nasal sprays to prevent sinus infections, except during the week before infusions.
  11. I no longer need topical medications for skin infections, except during the week before infusions.
  12. I’m no longer visiting the emergency room for uncontrollable dehydration every two months.
    • This is partially due to the extra saline I get after infusions, but the lessened infection load is also a huge factor. Even if I’ll always have difficulty staying hydrated because of the M.E., at least now I can keep myself out of hospitals!
  13. I’m able to stay upright for long periods of time without autonomic mayhem,
  14. Sit up using my own muscles for longer periods of time without needing to lean on something, and
  15. Be out of bed wayyyy more than my previous 1 or 2 hours.
  16. I am no longer progressively getting worse.

So there you have it. Immunoglobulin replacement therapy has been life saving in every sense, to my actual physical survival, and my quality of life, especially.

I know I got this at just the right time. It’s pretty obvious to me how bad things were about to get. But I’ve spent the past three years coping with that, so there’s NO need to reiterate at this time. I got the absolute most out of what that experience had to offer, and I know I will get the most out of whatever is to come.

Because now things are different. I am definitely out of the relapse.

What amazes me.. well, not necessarily the most, but amazes me regardless, is that I reached the point where I didn’t have to spend my every waking moment afraid of making the wrong choice. I learned to truly trust my intuition, even when it seemed to be going against everything that actually made sense. Yes there were worries, yes there were concerns, but after they’d moved me towards action and I acknowledged them as valid, I let them be. I didn’t try to stop my fear from existing, I just.. witnessed it, without taking it too seriously, without trying to “figure it all out” before I decided I could relax. And everything still worked out, and worked out more perfectly than I could ever describe. Imagine that. This has been my way of life for many years, and this quote sums it up perfectly:

“Ask your higher wisdom if it is not true that without worry
you would have arrived exactly where you are now, and more pleasantly.
Worry and fear are not tickets on the express train.
They are extra baggage.
You were going that way anyway.” (source)

This present stage is so exciting. Every part of our body (well, almost) is constantly regenerating, and soon, my body will be made of so much more adequate material than it has ever had before, thanks to all the changes I’ve been able to incur.

Photo of newly sprouted grass with the following caption: The things you eat today will make up the cells of your body tomorrow. Be mindful of giving your body whatever it truly needs to function.

The end point, here? Follow your intuition. It doesn’t exist to necessarily keep your body from dying, but it’ll make sure you learn all your bullet-points–and probably enjoy the ride–while you’re still here.

a rainbow at night


19 thoughts on “IVIG Can Help Eradicate Bartonella Infection: My Success Thus Far.

  1. Thank you againndear friend,this post manifested at the perfect time as I’ve deteriorated so much recently as you know Kit, been offline alot and in a rare moment of cognition this post comes through:)
    You have been an inspiration to me and an area that really interests me is how much ‘Severe ME progression’ attracts new Autoimmune diseases.
    This recent #SevereME ‘immune shift’ has placed me in an immune state where I am in an out of hospital,100s severe syptoms deteriotating more from lack understanding and having use any ounce of strength to try to educate doctors with copies ICP for medicos/nurses with still no more understanding on departure and vicous cycle goes round and round until poor immune compromised patients dies from a ‘seemingly unrelated heart attack etc..’
    I am yet again an ambulance call from hospital but I honestedly don’t think my immune function or my organ deterioration (I am now turning yellow as a result of #MCS they ignored hence damage an IV Antibiotic did last admission on my liver/kidneys conbined with bleach floor cleaner allergic reaction,a contrast-CT for Bowel Cancer and a Colonoscopy with Anesthesia (and that was one of my ‘better’ admissions:(..
    When no access to in ME home care in SouthAustralia despite six diagnosis I now dont know strong enough to survive another admission so time step it up more and move on to experiment X or Y or Z…very much (I sense) where you were at before universe led you to right time and place for IVIG?
    Anyway, This post is supposed to be about the hope I have ‘to bring in the big guns’ like IVIG,Rituxan,Amligen…Jacob Teitelbaum MD uses IVIG in “only the worst 15% of his Neuroimmune patients.
    As all the above are so far out of reach financially in Australia (and Rutuxan,Amligen not approved anyway) I have decided to try and ‘smash’ this deterioration with ‘natures immunomodulator’ ; use of as many molecules in hemp/cannabis on a 60-90Day protocol used for Cancers (even stage 4 brain cancers in some cases have been cured) so since Rituxan etc all are strong immunomodulators for curing aggressive cancers then I’d be crazy not to apply the science behind CDBa CBD CBN CBG CBV THCA THCV (most non-pychoactive with only positive side effects) molecules in attempting cure ME… or at least improve function in a few areas would be terrific and I am feeling hopeful,even if it works ‘only on my 6types chronic pain’ I will be so grateful, an emotion I have really been struggling with lately!
    I am so excited for you Kit and hopeful of my having more consistent cognition soon so we can chat more, love your scientific mind and not surprisingly your posts come at just the right time to manifest hope in the direction I taking,much love and light,determined to be able help others through a blog like this soon,I have my fingers and toes crossed and doing a lot of Reiki and Angel Healing work onmyself ‘to call in all universal help I can’ Tracey/Kids will know doubt be good monitors (and I will do my best make quick posts of my experiences over next 90days whilst trying keep basic research journal yet again so grateful have Tracey help with that coz my brain can’t handle more than very occasional posts like this at moment!
    Anyway going on another one of my ‘cognitive roundabouts’;)
    Let’s see if nature ‘miracle medicine’ can at least keep me away from another dangerous admission:)…here goes…much love and lightXO

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    1. I understand much of your journey David, to the extent that mine was so similar several years ago. We are “the solvers,” and sometimes we have to be. Other times we have to get out of our own way, and it’s a delicate balance between the two. I was “only” very severe for a few months; most of the time I’ve been in the severe category, and I think now I’m in the moderate-severe category! I.e. still disabled but able to perform more daily living necessities on my own, which as you know, are huge moments after experiencing severe M.E. (or progressive M.E.).

      I love your scientific mind, also! It can be difficult to turn off sometimes. I’ve definitely had to build those “turning off” muscles, because it doesn’t come naturally for me. ;) That’s why I specifically mention it in the post. All of the things that have really helped me–either in aligning me with the current “coursework” or changing my physical manifestation–have been found through stillness. Not physical stillness (ha!) but mental stillness, connecting with the present moment, which is where God speaks and we hear from our souls. It’s almost like some sort of magic key! I wish someone had told me earlier, haha, but I doubt I’d have listened anyway until I was ready to give up my old ways due to realization that they don’t work. So while you’re powering through, I know if you also find your way to stillness, you will hear and know what you can best do or not do, no matter where your incarnation is leading you this go round. :)

      I appreciate your energy in writing, and yes, it is so, so, so much easier to ramble about what’s already on our minds than it is trying to make our brains stick to a predetermined topic! I understand, haha.

      The compassion and mudita (joy in the joy of others) you offer, while having gone through and continuing to go through so much.. well, I feel it opens my own heart. I am grateful to know beings like you.

      I really, really hope you won’t need another hospital visit, but if there are people you must teach with your experience I know you’ll do a graceful job of it.


      xo Kit

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      1. So Eloquent Kit, have you read any of Kahlil Gibran ‘poetry’,before illness when doing Fitness, Massage, Reiki,Herbalism for clients I used to place my hands on his book “The Awakened Soul” do few minutes of Reiki and open to a page with Client in mind trying stay mindful of the particular phrase,thinking of you I just placed my hands on his book for the first time since dis-ease started 8yrs ago,this is for you Kit;

        They say to me, “You must needs choose between the pleasures of this world and the peace of the next world”. And I say to them, “I have chosen both the delights of this world and the peace of the next. For I know in my heart that the Supreme Poet wrote but one poem,and it scans perfectly,and it also rhymes perfectly.” Gibran

        Thank you Kit, you have reminded me to appreciate and have more faith what I practiced years ago and bring that “stillness” more into this journey..nite niteXO


          1. Aw..So true!
            “The minute I’m caught I can only catch you”
            Vibrations have me buzzing lol Been a while since felt Chakras starting spin again, good time to invoke the “Stillness” as I start my new experiments and see how body recovers/responds to all this Awesomeness over next few days,most have read in a long time,better pace;)Spk soonXO


  2. Hi,
    Thank you for having this site. My husband is doing IVIG now after suffering with Bartonella and Lyme (among other things) for 20 years. Can you please tell me how many months did you do the IVIG before you noticed a profound change? His neurological symptoms and body pain are intense and we would love to hear how other people fared on IVIG. We know everyone is different, and the time of treatment may vary, but it would be nice to have any sort of reference point.

    Best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, goodness. Lisa, I just typed a reply that took me 20 minutes and then accidentally hit something on my laptop and the entire window disappeared, taking my reply with it. Can’t retype it all but basically: the first 2 to 3 months were absolute hell, I don’t remember how long it took before I was cured of bartonella but it was under 10 months, and IVIG alone does not work for Lyme disease although it does slow down its progression–antibiotics will be needed, in whatever capacity your husband can handle it. Chronic Lyme is mostly incurable so look into pulse therapy, which is better tolerated long-term. Hope this helps!


  3. Oh, my! How wonderful! I am so very hopeful, too! My dd15 just got her first IVIG last week, and I am seeing some improvements. She wa suicidal and admitted to a psych hospital at the time that we were approved. We were able to get her IVIG two days later, and I so pray that she will have good results! What made your de decide to do monthly IVIG? Is it high dose?


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