My house was part of the Louisiana Flooding Disaster.

Hi everyone, 

Just a super quick update from my phone for anyone who doesn’t follow my Twitter: My house was part of the current flooding disaster taking place in Louisiana. Between 4-8 feet of water quickly enveloped our area early Saturday morning, August 13th, depending on the height of the ground. Despite getting multiple alerts sent to my phone in the previous days for other rivers, there were surprisingly zero alerts for my area. My neighbor woke us up just in time to save our outside dog from drowning, move the cars probably minutes before they went under, and get out before having to be part of the 30,000 people who needed rescued by boat and air. My house was highest up, so “only” 4-6 inches got in, but it was enough to cause major problems with my foundation, air vents, flooring, etc. My steps are gone.

For someone in my condition I know it is extremely important to avoid mold exposure. I’m currently in a hotel and will be for some time, perhaps a month while things are repaired. I will not be available for any online activity except for the short amount of time I spend updating Twitter, so consider this site (and most all forms of my online communication) on hiatus until further notice. 

I am extremely, extremely lucky to have anything at all to return to: 40,000 homes were damaged or destroyed (so far), and in some parishes up to 75% of all homes suffered this fate. Only 15% of people affected had flood insurance because so much of this has happened outside of flood zones and despite what the news is telling people, flood insurance is cost prohibitive here due to what most consider price gouging.

I also didn’t lose much inside that I absolutely need, like my medical grade bed, refrigerator, etc. Most people affected by this disaster are in a shelter and have absolutely nothing to their name except the clothes they were rescued in, but will hopefully be moving to temporary housing soon while insurance and FEMA help them get back on their feet (like they’re doing for me and some of my family). It’s a real mess, a true disaster zone down here. No one is going to be talking about the flood of ’83 anymore. They’re going to be talking about this one.

If you want to help, please donate to the Red Cross. They are amazing, and can be trusted to put your funds to the best use possible.

In the past decade alone I’ve had to evacuate and stay for weeks/months in hotels at least four different times; at least one time, I lost my house. I’m really growing weary of southern Louisiana. I don’t think I want to do this any more, here.

Until next time.

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